Would you sell for me? I make nice items.

“I know you also sell the things you teach people to make. I make some things too and am really good. Am not an ‘alumni’ but would you sell for me too? What are the terms? What would I have to do?”


TALENT BUILDERS love craftspeople and help out however we can.

We could take a look at what you’ve got and strike a nice deal with you to help you sell better and grow.

You and your employees could even enroll in classes to improve your skills. We are involved in a wide range of crafts

Check out our blog and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and like our Facebook page to keep in touch with everything we get up to.

See our goods and products. See our services and cosmetics. The possibilities are endless.

We are willing and happy to meet with you.

Come around, let’s talk.

Call 08135637333 and we’d fix an appointment with you.

It’s alright.

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