Can I learn from home?

“I want a craft tutor to come teach me at home.”

No problem.

Most people prefer to learn at the institute so they do not have to buy any work equipment while they learn and can compare notes with other learners.

If a student is ready to furnish herself or himself with all the work and learning tools, a tutor can be sent over to teach the person at home.

However, there are some crafts that do not require heavy equipment, like textile craft, and hand knitting classes, for instance. But you would have to progress to learning something about machine knitting unless you particularly do not want to.

Not all crafts have expensive equipment.

Some crafts only need a pair of hands, others need a pair of dancing shoes. So learning at home depends on what you are learning and what you can afford to provide for yourself to learn with.

And, yes we can help you buy whatever you need to buy, just so you are assured that you are getting good quality stuff.


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